NASA Application Pics

CD Ball, truncated Icosahedron, 150 cds, 3ft diamater, currently on display in my classroom (room 419)
-edit Now dead.  Died June 2012.  Rebuilding currently underway.

Replica of a George Hart sculpture.  72 pencils arranged in 4 intersecting hexagonal prisms.  Cool because the pencils are hexagons, and the opening they make are hexagons.  One of my creations was on display at the Reuben H. Fleet museum, part of the San Fransisco Exploratorium's geometry exhibit, currently in Fort Worth, TX.

Anniversary present, made of diamonds, sapphires, and silver linkage. Click the pic for the entire album showing the earrings and bracelet.

Impossible bottle, full deck of cards with seal on top, pierced by bolt, rope, knotted on top of bottle

Caster sufboard restoration, click to see the full extent of this and other restorations.

OK, not me, but a student built this to enter the K'Nex roller coaster building contest.  They didn't win?!?  It's 9ft tall!!

I can surf, OK I guess.

Two boards I shaped (of ~20), older on left, new on right.  Themed for the Brawn Racing team.

Origami, modular geometric shapes.  Click for another

Impossible object, 4 threaded street elbows connected together.  Cool for kids, they can pull, and try to pull it apart, but no go.

Truncated icosahedron made out of tokens.  Each token represents one of the hexagons, making the gaps the pentagons.

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