Anzan!!, the Japanese method of rapid addition, is here for the iPhone/iPod.
Test your skills of addition, with varying levels of speed and numbers.

How well can you add 5 numbers?
How well can you add 5 numbers in 2.5 seconds?
How about 20 numbers in 10 seconds?

Anzan!! lets the user decide how many
numbers to add, how fast, and how big!

The Numbers flash by and you are
then prompted for the sum.

You input the answer!! Fun times for basic addition

TEACHERS: Use this as a bridge activity. Works for students of ALL ages. This has been used in middle and high school classrooms across the world!! EVERYONE is engaged, and everyone wants to see how fast they can add.

Younger students can use it as estimation practice. How close can you get??
Anzan!! builds the basic adding principles, and even without an anzan (abacus), your brain will learn shortcuts to faster addition.

Click for the iPad version
Anzan HD - How fast can you add?$0.99

Click for the iPhone version
Anzan - How fast can you add?Free
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